About Us

Jardim Suspenso

Perfumery and cosmetics.

We are specialists in maintaining the quality / price ratio at the level of interest of our customers.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

top quality products
Better customer service provided
returns and warranty provided in less than 30 days
Our team
We are a small but enthusiastic team that works 7 days a week to assist you whenever necessary. We try to be as brief as possible in response.

In addition, we guarantee:

Top quality products;
The best customer service;
We accept returns.

Commercial / Administrative Manager:
Noé Alves / NIF 220426333 / Tlm 919435378
Headquarters // Office:
R. Ardegães Central 461 2dt 4425-046 Águas Santas / Portugal
Av. Lidador da Maia 661 4425-116 Águas Santas / Portugal
Complaint book
In compliance with DL.74 / 2017 of June 21, all our customers can submit their complaint to ASAE about our products or services, through the online complaints book.
Access the Electronic Complaints Book: